ANSI Units of Measure

Code Description AA Ball AB Bulk Pack AC Acre AD Bytes AE Amperes per Meter AF Centigram AG Angstrom AH Additional Minutes AI Average Minutes Per Call AJ Cop AK Fathom AL Access Lines AM Ampoule AN Minutes or Messages AO Ampere-turn AP Aluminum Pounds Only AQ Anti-hemophilic Factor (AHF) Units AR Suppository AS Assortment AT Atmosphere AU Ocular Insert System AV Capsule AW Powder-Filled Vials AX Twenty AY Read more →


Catalogs files containing a suppliers products can be loaded into many eProcurement systems to allow employees to shop from the catalog from within the eProcurement system. File Formats CSV CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) cXML Index OCI 5 JSON BMEcat EDIFACT PRICAT EDI X12 832 Price/Sales Catalog Transmission Methods Email HTTP(S) FTP / FTPS / SFTP Considerations Product images - image URL’s are most commonly used but an archive of image files may be utilized Read more →

CIF Catalogs

Overview CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) was developed by Ariba as a file format for catalog files. The file format builds on the CSV file format by adding a header/footer and standardizing column headings. CIF_I_V3.0 <catalog attributes> DATA <catalog items> ENDOFDATA Header The CIF file header contains attributes that define how the body of the file should processed. The first line of the header should contain the CIF file signature and version number in the following format: CIF_I_V<version>. Read more →

CSV Catalogs

Overview CSV catalog files are a popular method of providing buyers with product information and pricing. Typically, the supplier is responsible for exporting their product information into a CSV format, transmitting it to the buyer, and the buyer is responsible for importing the catalog into their eProcurement system. CSV catalogs can be suitable for use with smaller catalogs, where pricing changes infrequently, and the catalog does not contain configurable items. Read more →

UNUOM Units of Measure

UNUOM Revision 9 (2014)  Show Notes Code Description Notes 05 lift 06 small spray 08 heat lot 10 group A unit of count defining the number of groups (group: set of items classified together). 11 outfit A unit of count defining the number of outfits (outfit: a complete set of equipment / materials / objects used for a specific purpose). 13 ration A unit of count defining the number of rations (ration: a single portion of provisions). Read more →