OCI RoundTrip

What is OCI RoundTrip? OCI RoundTrip is SAP’s version of PunchOut. OCI RoundTrip only covers the catalog/shopping part of eProcurement. Electronic orders, order confirmations, ship notices, and invoices are not covered by the OCI specification. Using a gateway solution to map between OCI and cXML should be considered before adding support for OCI RoundTrip to an eCommerce store that supports cXML PunchOut. Login Request Authentication is done via an HTTP request sent from the users browser to the eCommerce website. Read more →

PunchOut Catalogs

What is PunchOut? PunchOut is a technology that connects a buyer’s eProcurement application (used to purchase goods and services) directly to their suppliers’ eCommerce sites. PunchOut enables a buyer’s employees to shop on suppliers’ eCommerce sites, but complete their purchase in their organization’s eProcurement application, where approval workflows can be applied and spending can be tracked. PunchOut Workflow An employee logs in to their company’s eProcurement system. The employee selects a supplier eCommerce site to "PunchOut" to (typically by clicking the supplier’s logo). Read more →