New cXML Tools

We are excited to launch a number of updates to including two new tools for working with cXML.

cXML Order Tester

Similar to the cXML PunchOut Tester, the Order Tester allows you to place cXML orders. The orders can be built using our order form or by entering cXML directly (which can than be modified using the order form). This tool is especially useful for testing exception handling in applications receiving cXML orders.

cXML Viewer

The cXML Viewer tool extracts information from cXML documents and displays it in a visual format that is easy to understand. This tool is useful for debugging issues with cXML documents that aren’t easily identified by reading the XML.

cXML Order Confirmations Guide

The cXML Order Confirmation Guide provides a practical approach to generating and consuming cXML ConfirmationRequest documents. cXML offers a lot of features in this document type that aren’t commonly used. We’ve provided guidelines on which features we recommend leveraging to provide users with the best experience while minimizing the amount of development needed to work with these documents.